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Looks like everyone finally sees the need to make things better. But when we look around nobody seems to move. Humanity is arising, but slowly, and each one must live it asap. We better hurry the pace and take our part in this journey. We are fighting to educate people that it is possible to consume without harming mother nature.

Our concern is in evolution and sustainability. That is what makes us different from others, we sourced ethically our fibres and our manufactures for our emphasis to change our habits in terms of creating a better product that doesn’t damage our precious environment, our animals and our people.

We need you onboard with us in this journey.


Ethically sourced fibres

Industrial HEMP from the Cannabis sativa L. plant is reported to be one of the strongest natural multipurpose fibers on earth. The Cannabis plant is a vigorous annual crop broadly separated into two classes: industrial hemp and marijuana. Up until the eighteenth century, hemp was one of the major fibers around the world. The decline of its cultivation and applications is largely due to burgeoning manufacture of synthetic fibers. Traditional composite materials such as concrete, fibreglass insulation, and lumber are environmentally unfavourable. Industrial hemp exhibits environmental sustainability, low maintenance, and high local and national economic impacts. All our range items are 100% hemp and hemp blended with other natural plant fibres, such as organic cotton, recycled cotton and linen.All cotton used in our productions is certified organic cotton.

Ethical manufacturing

We are an Australian owned and operated brand working with the best environmentally-oriented manufacturers. We are based in Adelaide, South Australia and we work closely with our manufactures based in Sao Paulo, Brazil who specialise in natural fibre clothing production including casual wear and customs uniforms for business, schools and restaurants with sustainable hemp, organic cotton and linen fabrics. Everyone can do your bit to change the world choosing the best and durable fabric for your daily uniforms. See the benefits of hemp. 

Our brand works with vertically integrated manufacturers and their small specialised teams to produce our range. Working ethically for  better quality of the community. 

Our business is more than just a product; we value and respect all the people throughout our supply chain. We ensure all our manufacturers operate safe and comfortable working conditions, enforce a strict no child-labour policy, ensure reasonable working hours, pay at or above award wages and paid overtime.

More than just a clothing brand, It's a lifestyle.

HAB Australia and our team have the mission to continue to increase the size of the hemp industry and promote green industry opportunities for Australia and its people.  


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