Collection: Sustainable Hemp Shorts

Our range of shorts is 100% ethically made with sustainable fabrics. 

Introducing our innovative shorts crafted from a blend of two exceptional fabrics: hemp and organic cotton 

Shorts composition: 

- Sunset oatmeal, black and the olive colour :

- 24% hemp 76% organic cotton 

- Coconut and relax fit range:

- 100% organic cotton 

Experience the unmatched comfort and sustainability these materials offer. Hemp provides durability and breathability, while organic cotton ensures softness and eco-friendliness. The addition of linen brings a timeless elegance and natural cooling effect, making these shorts a perfect companion for any outdoor adventure.
Embrace style, durability, and sustainability with our uniquely crafted shorts, designed in Australia and made in Brazil for the best of outdoor activities, our Hemp/organic cotton fleece come with side zipper pockets to secure your belongings and elastic waist for more comfort along the way. 

Sustainable Hemp Shorts